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Getting to know a simple and polite Danish Culture

Danish Culture

Danish Culture or also called Danish culture comes from such a long history. Danish culture is formed from three aspects, namely simplicity, politeness and equality. The essence of Danish culture is the simple life.

What is Danish Culture

An important aspect of Danish Culture is hygge or Danish Culture Hygge, which means a feeling of comfort and comfort when on vacation with friends. When someone meets other people, they must greet them politely. How to get acquainted is also arranged by shaking hands and then introducing first names. It is said that you are rude when you sit next to a stranger without being introduced and then immediately have a conversation.

In Denmark, men and women receive equal pay and promotions. For women, paid maternity leave costs around 10 months. The Danish government is more concerned with happiness and peace. Even willing to pay compensation for insurance care, health, unemployment and other social services. There are several traditions that are governed in Danish culture, as will be explained below.


What is Danish Culture food? In all parts of Denmark you will easily find a sausage cart otherwise known as Polsevogn. Danes usually drink chocolate milk as well as hot dogs. Meanwhile, home cooking consists of open sandwiches or so-called smorrebrod, frikadeller or meatballs and hakkebof or burgers.


Denmark allows you to consume alcohol from supermarkets at the age of 16. Danes have their first experience of drinking alcohol in their early teens. This is common in Danish social and party culture.


Danish society loves sports. It is not surprising that many teenagers and adults also participate in sports during their leisure time. In this country also the number of sports facilities is the highest among countries in Europe.


In fact, for the Danish society humor is quite an important element. In Denmark humor and irony are closely related. So it's no wonder that strangers find it quite difficult to understand conversations because there is too much irony. But don't be afraid to ask questions if you have a misunderstanding.


In Denmark there are many music festivals during the summer. From jazz, folk to rock, you can choose both local and international versions.

Now that's an understanding of Danish Culture that you need to know. It is very interesting to learn Danish culture which is full of simplicity.

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